Medicaid expansion discussed at the State Capitol

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JEFFERSON CITY - Rep. Bill Otto, D-Maryland Heights, filed a resolution Tuesday encouraging Missouri lawmakers to take advantage of federal funding for Medicaid expansion. 

"Missouri did not take the opportunity to expand Medicaid when it first occurred," Rep. Otto said. "We had a three year window where the federal government was going to absorb all the cost of Medicaid expansion for the state and this is the last time we have an opportunity to take care of that."

Otto explained expanding Medicaid would give greater health services to rural Missourians as well as create new jobs within the health care industry. 

Several Missourians argued expanding Medicaid would cost the federal government money out of its pocket. 

Independence resident Johnston Walter said, "Throwing more money at it and criminalizing more things isn't getting us there. It's just costing too much!"

"It winds up costing making medical costs for those who can afford it higher," Walter said. "Socialism is an excellent idea, until you run out of somebody else's money."