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COLUMBIA- A recent report from the Medicare’s Board of Trustees projected Medicare and social security will end within the next two decades.

The main point of the report was to evaluate data and trends in Medicare. According to the report, people living longer lives and working more are two of the main reasons for the programs' end in the near future.

Healthcare professional Jerry Kiesling said losing Medicare and social security as a resource will damage an already strained system.

“The secondary safety nets which are usually non profit hospitals that are providing care at a low cost that is going to be burned beyond belief,” Kiesling said. “It's going to make it really hard for hospital clinic services to provide more and more un-reimbursement care.”  

Medicare is set to end three years earlier than was expected in 2026. Social security will follow in 2038. Both programs going away would affect people living with disabilities and the elderly.  

Kiesling said he believes the increasing price of medical procedures is another reason for the lack of funding for both systems. He said healthcare would be taking a step back if Medicare and social security ended for good.

“You think about how did social care and medicare evolve and it was to protect people that maybe didn’t have as much and to honor the people whose shoulders we stand on now with adequate healthcare, adequate food and adequate housing," Kiesling said. "It really would be regressive. It would be bringing us back to before."