Medicare For All Comes to CoMo

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COLUMBIA- An event Wednesday afternoon will discuss the current state of American healthcare and will present a plan on how Missourians can not only improve but expand Medicare for all.


The event, called “Medicare For All” will be at noon in the Lester Bryant Auditorium of the MU School of Medicine.


The speaker, Wendell Potter, will present his perspective on the topic.


He says his main objective is to educate the public on the insurance industry and how it affects them.


“What I do in my talk is to help people understand how the insurance industry really operates, and how it really has no interest in helping us to achieve universal coverage, or to get everyone covered. They’re not only unable, but just uninterested in consolidating healthcare costs,” said Potter.


Ed Wiesbart, the organizer of the event also feels passionately about reforming the healthcare industry and implementing a system that is helpful for all.


“I want them to understand that the current approach to healthcare is unsustainable, it’s outrageously expensive, it’s not actually improving the health of Americans,” said Weisbart.


Dr. Bill Parks, a retired emergency physician, thinks the discussion will be beneficial for the Columbia community.


“I think it would be an excellent program to learn about what a single payer healthcare financing is about, what Medicare For All is about, and literally the path forward, what we can work for to improve our healthcare financing system,” said Parks.


The public will be allowed to ask questions following the presentation.