Meeting takes place to discuss Columbia bus route changes

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COLUMBIA - The Public Transit Advisory Commission met Thursday night to discuss Columbia's bus route changes.

According to Columbia's Public Transit agency, Go COMO, the Columbia City Council approved the new route change in 2018.

"One of the reasons why we are making changes is passengers don't have a central place to make the transfer between different busses right now," said the Transit and Parking Manager, Leah Christian.

During the meeting, Christian said Wabash Station in downtown Columbia will be the central transfer point for all new routes.

"Different busses will meet at Wabash at the same time," Christian said. "People will have a warm place to transfer to different routes."

Arnold Larson presented at the meeting on behalf of People First of Missouri, a self-advocacy organization run by and working for people with developmental disabilities.

"I'm here to support our busses tonight," Larson said. "I ride busses everyday, I use them to volunteer and go to the food pantries."

The route changes will begin June 3. The transportation services change will occur Oct. 1.