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COLUMBIA - The recent gas price hike in Mid-Missouri is not stopping travelers this Memorial Day Weekend.

According to TripAdvisor, 1/3 of Americans will travel this weekend and more than 56% of them will drive to their destination.

In fact, 93% of travelers said the gas price increase has no affect on them. One man talked to KOMU 8 News and said that nothing will stop him from traveling on Memorial Day Weekend, stating that tradition trumps money any day.

The Missouri Highway State Patrol suggests drivers should stress extra caution this weekend due to the increased traffic. Also, people should inspect their cars before traveling since they could potentially overheat and breakdown. The Highway Patrol says that most people they assist over this specific weekend are for cars stranded on the side of the road with broken belts and hoses. Finally, the Highway Patrol recommends to plan routes that will get them around road construction.