Mexico Businesses Adjust to Winter Storm after Foot of Snow

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MEXICO - Mexico got close to a foot of snow on Sunday. Public Works Director Kensey Russel said the city made several precautions for the snowfall.

"After having three major snowstorms, we learned to improve the routine in place," Russell said.

He said the city released an announcement on Friday to avoid parking on snow fall designated areas in the central business district.

"We also notified people a few days ahead of time," Russell said.

Most of the snow fell between 7:00 -11:30 a.m. on Sunday. Russell said the city called in crews two hours ahead of time to focus on clearing the main roads to hospitals and nursing homes. Then during the storm he said crews focused on clearing residential areas. Russell said the city crews maintained 80 miles of roads. He said crews cleared the area by Sunday evening.

One business owner in the central business district said her business is open because the cleared roads made it easier to travel before the shop opened.