Mexico Community Comes Out to Support Controversial Coach

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MEXICO - A sea of red t-shirts filled the board room at the Mexico Board of Education meeting Tuesday evening, as people stood in support for Mexico High School basketball coach and physical education teacher Brennan Scanlon, who some parents say has been unfairly negatively evaluated by school administrators. 

"These children love Coach Scanlon. I'm asking you tonight to please make sure this is an ethical process that will take place," said Denise Harrington, the grandmother of a student.

Emotions flared in the meeting, which was not supposed to address the Scanlon issue. But those in attendance were given two minutes to speak on the issue.

There are rumors that Scanlon could be terminated.

Some parents and students believe the principal and athletic director treat Scanlon unfairly and give him low evaluation scores without merit.

Cole Jaramillo, the current basketball team captain said, "He's a little hard on players sometimes, but I think myself and everyone else can agree he teaches us, he's not a bully. He will always be there for you and teaches you life lessons."

There was a "Support Coach Scanlon" Facebook event with about 900 likes, but by Tuesday afternoon it was deleted. KOMU 8 contacted Scanlon for comment but did not receive a reply.

But Kevin Freeman, the school district superintendent said, "Brennan Scanlon is a tenure teacher, so he is guaranteed a teaching position next year."

Freeman would not elaborate on Scanlon's future in coaching, but after the initial meeting Tuesday night, the board stayed for a closed-door meeting to discuss the issue.