Mexico senior football players are four of a kind

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MEXICO - Senior night is a special time for friends, family and players across Missouri. However, in Mexico, the group is extremely close-knit.

"We're pretty tight. I mean we've been the four that started out together. Starting out when we were young there were a lot more people in our class, dropped out, did other stuff. So, we've kind of been the guys that have stuck with it and stayed together," Senior Tight End Brit Wilson said.

The final regular season game against the Moberly Spartans on Oct. 14 marks one of the last times they will be on the field together and potentially last time on home field.

The underclassman dominate Mexico filling up the majority of roster spots, but the players say the seniors are what tie the team together.

"I'm definitely going to be proud of what we've done," Wilson said.

The underclassman have stepped up and followed the lead as Mexico sits at 6-2 heading into its final game before districts.

However, the bond the seniors share will make that final home game an emotional one for all involved.

Senior Offensive Lineman Gabe Deimeke said, "It's a senior family you know four people. We're all friends, all buddies, we all hang out. It's kind of our own little group sometimes."

Senior D'Arquez Jennings said it really hasn't hit him this will be his final time under the lights at Mexico.

"It's a family thing. A lot of my family played football and are depending on me to keep it going. I haven't been able to think much about it," Jennings said.

Wilson said, "It's going to be pretty weird thinking about stuff like that. I don't try to think about that. I'll save that for after the game I guess. I don't know. It's going to be unreal after the game knowing that whenever we are done that it's all over."

For one senior, football goes even further and serves as a connection for him and his grandfather who is currently living in a nursing home.

"He's not able to see me any other time other than when I go visit him. He's a really good supporter of Mexico football. He's been there at every game ever since I started, and every time I've been there he's been there as well," De'Shon Fountain said.

Fountain says he hopes his grandfather is proud of what he has done at Mexico, and says every time he sees family in the stands, it makes him that much more excited for the game.

"It just feels amazing. It's kind of hard to put to words. It makes me feel a lot stronger," Jennings said.

Wilson said, "It's going to be excitement knowing it's the last hoorah. You know it's the last time walking out on that field and leave it all out there and try to have a hell of a game."

Kickoff for Mexico's senior night against Moberly will be at 7 p.m.