Mexico Therapy School Helps Children With Disabilities

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MEXICO - The Children's Therapy School in Mexico helps preschool age children with various disabilities. For a city of Mexico's size, this a unique school that not many people in mid-Missouri know about.

"The mission of our school is to help children who have a delay or a disability in one way or another. And we serve children between the age of 2 and 6 here at our school. And so we're really able to provide them with that early intervention strategy that is so effective in helping them meet their developmental milestone," said Director of the Children's Therapy School Linda Huffman.

One child with develpopmental needs that the school was able to help was Katie Winkelmann. Winkelmann had severe medical problems, but with the assistance the school  provided, she was able to overcome some of them.

"Katie loved school. She loved going there everyday. She was so happy, so happy. Everytime I would drop her off she'd have big smile, she was just so excited about going to school. And they were very very good with her," said Winkelmann's mother Chrissy Winkelmann.

Katie Winkelmann died on March 6th, 2012. Her best friend from school still visits her grave bringing toys for Katie.

"There's one little girl here who's our typical role model who was very close to Katie and so for a long time she would talk about Katie. And talk about that Katie had gone to heaven, " said Teacher April Backer.

All the teacher's at the Children's Therapy School in Mexico agree that the hardest thing to deal with is the loss of one of their students. But the teachers said they are still happy they are able to help so many children with disabilities.