Mexico weather damage

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MEXICO - Strong winds and rain took down more than just morale. Tree branches and debris are scattered all across Mexico. But one clearing crew said the worst happened on Robinhood Rd.
A tree fell, blocking the road completely. The homeowner said he will have to cut down the tree and possibly repair roof damage. 
One neighbor said the collapse came out of no where. 
"It was a big mess," Dylan Burrow said. "We didn't see it coming or anything. We were just getting ready to go out the door, and it just fell down and crashed to the ground." 
Another neighbor said his main concern was safety. 
"I thought maybe there had been a car that had gone through it," Wes Peer said. "So I ran out there in the street anyway. But there was no car that I could tell in it. But it was raining, it was horrible."
Crews said the road will be clear to drive through later tonight, and completely cleared tomorrow. There have been no injuries reported.