Mexico woman dies in house fire

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MEXICO- Fire officials have released the name of the woman who died in a Mexico fire. Ruby Hamlett, 84, died after her home on Elm Tree Drive became engulfed in flames Monday night.

Officials spent about two additional hours on Tuesday putting out remnants of the fire.

Mexico Fire Safety responded to the scene around 11 p.m. Monday.

Maj. Bryce Mesko, of the Mexico Public Safety Department, said flames were coming out of the back of the house and the garage when the firefighters got there.

Mesko said firefighters tried to get in the house but were unable to because of the intensity of the flames.

Josh Deal, who lives across the street from the victim, called police after seeing "just red everywhere."

"It was just really hard to watch that happen," he said. "You could see the panic out here."

Lorie Houston, a neighbor, said her son woke her up after hearing several loud "pops." They thought it was gunshots or thunder, but quickly figured out it was an explosion.

"I didn't realize until later on through the day how bad it's hitting me," Houston said. "It's not every day your neighbor's [house] blows up across the street."