MFH and League of Women Voters Educate Public on Healthcare

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COLUMBIA - Missouri Foundation for Health and the Columbia-Boone County League of Women Voters held an informational meeting about various healthcare topics Thursday evening at the Daniel Boone Regional Library. 

MFH Vice President Ryan Barker says he thinks it is important to educate the public on current healthcare issues.

"There is a lot in this healthcare reform law and the next couple of years are going to be huge with healthcare, so consumers need to be aware of all of these issues to find the best, affordable healthcare option for them," Barker said. 

Some of the topics dicussed in this meeting were Medicaid transformation, the affordable healthcare plan, and the economic effects of these policies.  Barker and his co-worker have held a couple hundred similar community meetings over the past three years and says the main point is to remain unbiased.  Barker focuses on the positives and negatives of every issue.

To find out more information about this meeting and upcoming meetings, visit the Missouri Foundation for Health or the Columbia-Boone County League of Women Voters websites.