Michelle Obama, Jill Biden visit Fort Leonard Wood military families

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FORT LEONARD WOOD - First Lady Michelle Obama and Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden paid a visit to Thayer Elementary School Tuesday to read stories to kids of military families. 

The visit is part of Obama and Biden's Joining Forces campaign which began in 2011. 

Accompanying the First and Second Ladies were former Reading Rainbow host LeVar Burton and former NASA astronaut Mark Kelly. 

Hundreds of students sat criss-cross with their eyes locked on Biden as she read Kelly's book, "Mousetronaut." 

The kids cheered as Biden and Kelly introduced Meteor Mouse, the main character in the story.

Then it was Obama's turn to lead the reading.

The First Lady read Burton's book, "The Rhino who Swallowed a Storm."

The kids laughed as Burton acted out each characters' unique accents. 

As the stories came to an end, the kids clapped gleefully and asked a few questions to their special guests.

Tuesday's readings were to a way to rally around military families, both active duty and retired, and show the White House's support of education. 

Tuesday night, the First Lady will appear on NCIS to further the Joining Forces campaign.