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ELDON - The Witt Family Fireworks business has been around since 1989 and is fully family owned and operated. But this also means they are one of the many businesses facing uncertainty at this time.

"Everything is so up in the air right now that we just don’t know," Co-owner of Witt Family Fireworks, Brian Witt, said. "But you have to plan for it to go correctly, we've got to think the world is going to right itself."

Witt said it's hard to know what the future really holds in today's climate, but as of now, the business has a plan and recently got some good news. 

"We actually got good news yesterday on that end of it that two containers are on their way to us from China," Witt said. "So that’s good because we’re getting what we ordered and it should be here before the fourth so we should have plenty of fireworks."

He told me they have two 40-foot containers packed full of fireworks headed this way, allowing him to breath a little easier.  

According to Witt, you have to order everything from China a year in advance, meaning COVID-19 wasn't on the radar when he pressed "order."

"We had already ordered everything before all of this occurred," Witt said. 
Since they are expecting this massive haul, they are excited to be fully stocked and ready to see some of their regular customers. 
Overall, Witt's morale seemed pretty good as he made it very clear that the current plan for selling fireworks this summer is "business as usual." 
"I would say plan on having your celebrations and if this is still going on at that time, I might just have to do it in smaller groups," Witt said. "But there’s no reason, do you just cancel your life because of the stuff that’s going on?"
The business is currently closed, but Witt is hopeful that as we inch closer to summer, we also inch closer to the normal routine. 

"I’m hoping by the fourth everybody is ready to get back to life and enjoy life," Witt said.