Mid-Misouri reacts to SCOTUS ruling on LGBTQ rights

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COLUMBIA— The Supreme Court ruled Monday that federal civil rights law protects gay, lesbian and transgender workers.

Nicole Galloway, the state auditor of Missouri said this is an enormous win.

“Today’s landmark ruling is an enormous win for equality and fairness for LGBTQ+ Missourians," she said in a statement. "This is about more than just a legal precedent. It’s about their right to live, work, and take care of their loved ones with dignity."

Caitlin Cunningham, board member for mid-Missouri's LGBTQ community center The Center Project, said they find the moment to be bittersweet.

“Although I was happy about it, it's hard to feel in this current climate too much excitement and positivity,” Cunningham said. 

Cunningham said with everything happening with transgender healthcare protection—like the recent announcement from the Trump administration removing protections for transgender people — it's hard to celebrate when there is so much more to be done.

Other members of the community feel like this news was needed after the Trump administration rolled back Obama-era transgender healthcare protections.

“We were expecting a couple different scenarios that could've played out and I think this is the best one we could have asked for,” said Stephen Eisele, director for PROMO. He believes this is one of many steps we must take for everyone to be equal. He says there still needs to be improvements with things like schools and housing.