Mid-Missour Girl Looks to Skate Into Nationals

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COLUMBIA -- It's not an Olympic sport, but artistic roller skating looks similar to its counterpart on ice. One mid-Missouri girl's life has changed since she put on a pair of roller skates.

It was just two and a half years ago that 17-year-old Danielle Rose put a pair of roller skates on for the first time ever.

"I remember a little girl holding onto the railing trying to get around the edges and I remember seeing her fall down a few times. She kept getting back up," Mike Rose said.

Now you can find Danielle taking lessons at the rink four days a week. She's working with a personal trainer to strengthen her legs and core twice a week, and even seeking advice from world class coaches in Chicago once a month.

"Sometimes I wonder where I could be right now like if I didn't skate, and I think about it, and I think I would probably be extremly bored," Danielle Rose said.

If you need more proof that Danielle takes artistic skating seriously, take a look at her skates. Danielle owns four pairs of 25-hundred dollar skates, each pair uniquely built just for her feet.

"We've saved and made sure she could have the best to go forward in the sport that she loves," Mike said.

Going forward this spring, Danielle is focusing on getting back to Nationals.

"I came close last year, but that's my goal this year, to take a placement at nationals," Danielle said.

A placement would make every fall well worth the price.

Danielle will head to Nationals this July in Lincoln, Nebraska.