Mid-Missouri Animal farm seeks upgrade

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LINN - Where Pigs Fly Farm is not your typical farm. The farm has 400 animals varying from pigs, to peacocks, to llamas. 

"When I first arrived here, it was rather overwhelming because you don't usually see all these farm animals commingling and just everywhere," farm vet Diana Krenning said. 

Throughout the months of February and March, farm owner Cindy Brenneke will host a fundraiser to raise funds to upgrade the farm.

The farm will host a yard sale with items such as furniture and knick-knacks. Brenneke invites the community to pay to pet the many animals on the farm. All proceeds will go toward the project. 

Part of the upgrade will involve a vet clinic. Brenneke said with the 400 animals on the farm, it's like the 'vet pretty much lives here.'

"We rescue a lot of animals and then we adopt them back out and so we're always having to take our animals somewhere else to get them spayed and neutered," Brenneke said. "We thought, 'why not have our own spay and neutering clinic on site here?'"

The non-profit organization will also provide low-cost vaccinations, neutering and wellness programs for the community. 

"In order to help support this animal shelter with good care, with vaccinations, deworming, heart worm prevention, flea and tick control, it would benefit the community to have an area where we can have affordable, preventative veterinarian care," Krenning said.

She also said there is a need for an adoption clinic in the community.

"We have a lot of rural county roads that people dump dogs and cat," she said. "There's stray cats everywhere and there's no place for them to go," Krenning said. 

According to Krenning, the closest animal rescue centers are in Columbia, about an hour away from Linn. 

Brenneke said the projects will cost about $250,000 without the help of donors. 

Krenning said, "there's a lot of money involved. This fundraiser is not going to do it. We're going to have to keep doing fundraisers and hopefully we can get some community support to keep it going."

Remodeling on the adoption center is already underway. Brenneke hopes to begin construction on the vet clinic in the springtime.

She said she is looking for building materials and volunteers to help with construction.