Mid-Missouri Artists Auction Off Rain Barells

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COLUMBIA - With rain in the forecast, local artists will auction off rain barrels on Saturday. The rain barrels hold about 55 gallons of natural water and can fill up after a rain shower or two. Sixteen mid-Missouri artists painted their own barrel featuring a water environment or colorful design.

Project director Kevin Habben said the idea has been around for hundreds of years, but it serves as a way to conserve water.

"You can just use them for watering your plants, washing your car," Habben said. "You can give your dog a bath if you wanted to. So, anything that uses non-potable water you can use."

Each barrel was up for bidding on Ebay and the money raised will support the Missouri River Communities Network. Saturday evening, artists will be in attendance with their designs at the Artlandish Gallery in Columbia. Live music, awards, and bidding will go on until 9 p.m. The barrel auctions end next Thursday.