Mid-Missouri bartender receives $439,000 tip

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ELDON – Fuzzy’s Bar and Grill sold a winning lottery ticket, but the employees there didn’t know it would land in the hands of one of their own.

Customers at Fuzzy’s typically leave tips in the form of lottery tickets especially when the Powerball is going on, according to the owner’s daughter, Judy Davis.

For one bartender and server at Fuzzy’s, her tip was more than her usual losing ticket; she ended up winning $439,000.

“Occasionally you get the customers that will leave you a ticket and say as a tip and tell you ‘good luck,’ not thinking that this could truly, truly happen,” Sherri Miles said.

Miles said she couldn’t believe it when she discovered she won the Show Me Cash with EZ Match jackpot on Jan. 6.

“I checked it and rechecked it and rechecked it, rubbed my eyes and my glasses, and then finally, I hollered at my boyfriend and asked him ‘Will you please verify really seeing this correctly?’" Miles recounted.

Upon realizing she won, Miles resumed her normal routine. She got in the shower and went to work.

Miles kept her winning ticket in a lock box until she redeemed it. She received her check Friday.

When asked what she is going to buy first, Miles said, “Get my hair done. New shoes. I don’t know, I don’t like to shop.”

Miles said she will use most of her winnings to pay off her debt and remodel her house.

In addition, she said she would like use part of the money to visit her children and to see the Chicago Cubs for spring training.