Mid-Missouri Cubans speak out about U.S-Cuba relationship

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COLUMBIA - Despite differences in human rights and foreign policies, President Barack Obama announced Wednesday the embargo between the United States and Cuba may soon be lifted.

The embargo has been active for over a century and has complicated diplomatic relations. However with this new opportunity, Obama said the United States can begin to "normalize" relations with Cuba. 

Obama said he is looking for a way to end what he called America's "outdated approach". The start to this policy will include opening an embassy in the capital of Havana to carry out the transactions between the governments.

Joel Dalton, a local Cuban-American, said this will bring down hurdles and will be a good economic change for Cuba and its people. 

"I think it will help their quality of life. They talk about how they struggle getting clothes and food," Dalton said. "Having more of a private sector, having more of goods and services coming in will help their quality of life."

Dalton said this policy change will allow him to travel to Cuba more and spend time with his family. 

This means, that United States travelers will be allowed to import up to $400 worth of goods from Cuba, including $100 in alcohol and tobacco. This includes those highly-sought after Cuban cigars.