Mid-Missouri District Works to Up Math Scores Amid National Report

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STURGEON - The National Assessment of Educational Progress revealed only 26 percent of high school seniors tested strongly in math. Sturgeon Public Schools, though, is rounding out the first year of its more rigorous math program designed to better prepare students for high school.

In the fall, Sturgeon K-8 began offering Algebra 1 for qualified eighth graders. Brandee Brown, principal of Sturgeon K-8, said Sturgeon Public Schools is working to create a more seamless transition between middle and high school math with a more rigorous program.

Brown said she's already seen improvement, "We are seeing that our kids are able to do those performance events more easily than they have been able to in the past."

Carol Sharp, Sturgeon's eighth grade math teacher, said she has no doubt the new curriculum will help all of her students be more prepared for high school math.

Sharp added there is a lot of communication between high school math teachers and herself to make sure her students are on the right path.

"There's nowhere to go but up," Brown said.

Sturgeon Public Schools is eager to see how students fare over the next few years.