Mid-Missouri farm prepares for vet and adoption center expansion

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COLUMBIA - Where Pigs Fly Farm is not your typical farm. The 400-animal farm is home to animals varying from alpacas, to cats, to peacocks. 

The Linn farm opened in 2016 as a domestic and farm rescue center. The farm is a permanent home for most animals and a temporary home for adoptable domestic animals.

The expansion will include an adoption center, a clinic, an educational center, and a small restaurant.

The non-profit organization will also provide low-cost vaccinations, neutering and wellness programs for the community. 

"We rescue a lot of animals and then we adopt them back out and so we're always having to take our animals somewhere else to get them spayed and neutered," farm owner Cindy Brenneke said.

Farm veterinarian Diana Krenning said the area is in need of an adoption center. 

"We have a lot of rural county roads that people dump dogs and cat," she said. "There are stray cats everywhere and there's no place for them to go."

Heather Lynn Parish brought her 3-year-old pot belly pig, Charlie, to Where Pigs Fly last summer. Before Charlie arrived, she had some difficulties in finding her a home.

“Where we live, there was no other option," Parish said. "People would offer to take her in, but they only wanted her as food or they would raise her with their pigs for food."

She said she still misses Charlie, so she visits her every weekend.

“She seems really happy out here; she's made a lot of friends with the baby pigs,” Parish said.

Among the 130 other pigs on the farm, Parish said Charlie still remembers her and responds to her name.

“All I have to do is call her name and she'll snort and then I can tell her a part from everybody else,” Parish said.

Brenneke is asking for volunteers and building materials for the projects.

She said she plans to begin the projects mid-spring and it should be completed in the fall.