Mid-Missouri feels the bur

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COLUMBIA - Temperatures are dropping and mid-Missouri is starting to feel the cold.  

There was one fatal accident, 39 crashes, six injuries and 100 calls for assistance, according to Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop F.

Lynn Schaffner said she is not a big fan of the winter, but she makes sure she is prepared for the weather. 

“I dress in layers and I get all my warm clothes and I make sure I have on sensible shoes for the weather,” Schaffner said.

She said not only does she make sure she dresses appropriately, she makes sure her cars are just as ready for the weather as she is.

Lynn Schaffner's husband, Tom Schaffner, agrees.

“Make sure your vehicle is in good shape and if you are at home make sure you have a shovel and some ice melt and make sure your furnace is working,” Tom Schaffner said. 

“Always make sure I have a full tank of gas because you never know,” Schaffner said.

Lynn said when she was driving she was glad she made a pit stop at the gas station.

“We were coming home from St.Louis and traveling through Columbia and we wound up in a traffic jam one time and I was so glad we had plenty of gas in the car,” she said. 

Tom Schaffner said they use creativity to make sure their car doesn't spin on ice. They said they use playground sand to put weight on his vehicle so it doesn't slip and slide on the slippery roads.

Lynn said being prepared is important but accepting the weather conditions are, too.

“I think all you have to do is accept that it’s winter and you just have to deal with it," Lynn Schaffner said.