Mid Missouri Gets A Taste Of Hollywood With 'Apparitional'

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JEFFERSON CITY - When thinking of shooting locations for an indie paranormal thriller, mid-Missouri probably isn't the first location to come to mind for most filmmakers.

But don't tell that to Andrew P. Jones. According to Chris Wilson, the Film and Sports Planner for the Jefferson City Convention and Visitors Bureau, Jones contacted him back in September of last year to express interest in shooting his new movie "Apparitional" at the Missouri State Penitentiary, which the state shut down back in 2004.

"We thought if we were able to get him here in person for a sight visit that he would like the facility and also that midwestern hospitality," Wilson said.

"Apparitional" follows a group of ghost hunters who find themselves trapped in a haunted prison.

Wilson said the Missouri State Penitentiary already has a troubling history, in 1967 TIME Magazine named it the "47 bloodiest acres in America" for the high volume of murder, assaults and riots that took place inside.

Jones brought a seven-member cast of actors from Los Angeles and called for 12 extra actors from around the area.

M'Liss Saph was cast as a waitress in the movie, she said getting to work with the cast and crew of the indie film was a step up from her usual roles in community theatre.

"I was excited that I even got asked to audition," Saph said. "It was an incredible experience."

The film is expected to go straight to DVD and streaming services, but Jefferson City will get a chance to see the movie at midnight on Saturday.

"The community really has taken a strong interest," Wilson said. "It's been amazing to me that there is a lot of local talent and having this film here only furthers that."