Mid-Missouri group returns from Guatemala after volcano eruption

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HOLTS SUMMIT — Six members of Union Hill Baptist Church made it home safely this weekend after a volcano erupted during their mission trip to Guatemala. 

The group visited the country to volunteer in an orphanage just about 100 miles away from where the deadly volcanic eruption took place. 

Associate Pastor at Union Hill Baptist Church L.P. Cook attended the mission trip. He said the group did not realize how significant the explosion was at the time it occurred. 

"Of course that far away, we hadn't felt anything or seen anything, but obviously for those who were directly in the path of the volcano and the flow of ash and gas, it was catastrophic for them," Cook said. 

Leta Sills has been attending Union Hill Baptist Church for nine years. She is one of the six members who traveled to Guatemala for the week of service. Sills says she's grateful to have made it back to Holts Summit safely. 

"We were told that we might not be able to fly out on Friday because of the ash in the air, but then everything cleared and we were at peace with it because we knew we were far away," Sills said. 

The group arrived in Guatemala on June 1 and departed on June 7. Members who went on the trip said they would be willing to go back to the country to serve people there again despite the natural disaster.

The initial eruption of Guatemala's "Volcano of Fire" killed at least 110 people and another 200 people are missing, according to NBC News.