Mid-Missouri gun seller says Obama action wont stop criminals

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COLUMBIA - President Obama's executive actions to curb gun sales from unlicensed dealers will do little to solve the gun violence problem in the country, according to a gun store owner in Columbia.

On Tuesday morning, Obama rolled out a series of executive actions aimed at closing the so-called "gun show loophole", which he announced from the East Room of the White House. He said some gun sellers operate by a "different set of rules" and that "doesn't make sense". 

What the owner of Modern Arms in Columbia, Larry Wayland, says doesn't make sense, though, is this action to try and cut down on gun-related deaths and crime. 

"It will not reduce crime. Cocaine has been illegal in this country for decades, yet cocaine is bought and sold on the street by unlicensed drug dealers all the time. [Passing executive orders that would license pharmaceutical reps] would do the same thing. It's window dressing," Wayland said. 

Wayland also says the executive actions are ambiguous in regard to how many guns a private seller may legally sell before they would need to be licensed. He relates it to car sales in Missouri; a private individual can sell a specific number of cars until they have to get a dealer license. 

"We don't really know what's legal now, is it four guns? 20 guns? What's the threshold? As written, there's no quantity listed," Wayland said. 

Obama emphasized that he's focused on retaining the Second Amendment while making it harder to go around the law to buy guns. 

"No matter how much people want to twist my words...this is not a plot to take away guns," Obama said.

While his actions today started the process toward stricter gun control, Obama said any long-lasting action would have to come with congressional approval.