Mid-Missouri hardware store gears up for potential weekend snow

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BOONVILLE - Shovels and salt will likely be in higher demand at local hardware stores after a forecasted weekend snow in mid-Missouri projected to start Sunday afternoon.

At least one inch of snow is expected to fall through Monday night, according to the KOMU 8 weather team.

"You definitely see people making preparations," Snapp's Hardware Manager Dylan Snapp said. "You see a lot of people coming in to buy salt and shovels the first few days before the storm."

KOMU 8's weather team says accumulations for Sunday and Monday are expected to be between 1-4 inches north of Highway 50 with ice accumulations of 0.15 inches possible around the I-44 corridor.

The system could shift to the north or south which means all of mid-Missouri should be prepared for slick roads.

1960 marked Columbia's snowiest winter when 49.4 inches of snow blanketed Boone County.

That year also marked the opening of Snapp's Hardware in Boonville.

Over the last 60 years the store has sold everything from paint to chainsaws while providing repairs for lawnmowers, snow blowers and other equipment.

At one point, the store even offered television repair services.

Anticipating more snow this season than last year, Snapp's hardware ordered extra shovels and salt to keep up with demand.  

"We wanted to be on top of it," Snapp said. "People have been saying it's going to be a rough winter and, like I said, we started pretty early with some rough weather in November."

Support from the Boonville community has been crucial to Snapp's Hardware success and the Snapp family is thankful.

"The Boonville community has been very supportive, always has been," Snapp said. "We try to keep everyone happy."

"In a small business you just try to provide a service," he continued. "You can't always compete on the prices with some of the big box stores, but you try to provide a service that keeps people coming back in the door."

The season's first snowfall in November covered mid-Missouri in 1-3 inches of snow and Boone County Public Works salt trucks used more than 350 tons of ice melt to combat icy roads.

In addition to a snowy start of the winter season, 2019 marked the second coldest start to a central Missouri winter in 129 years.

Last week KOMU's meteorology team predicted an average winter for Missouri this winter season.