Mid-Missouri hit by storm damage and power outages

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COLUMBIA - Severe thunderstorms have left some 15,000 Columbia Water and Light customers without power overnight Tuesday. The 38 outages were mainly located in West Columbia. The worst of the storms came after the National Weather Service issued a severe thunderstorm warning for most of mid-Missouri.

The storm contained high winds causing damage across the city including several areas with downed power lines and trees. Since the warning was issued, the Columbia Fire Department has responded to more than 40 calls related to storm damage

2,406 customers were affected by an outage that occurred near West Boulevard North and West Worley Street. This outage affects customers as far east as Brown Station and Paris Roads.

An outage along Chapel Hill Road also left more than 1,300 people without power. Just more than 1,200 people are affected by an additional outage east of Scott Boulevard.

Overnight storms have also caused 1,554 customers near Nifong Boulevard and Vawter School Road to lose power. This outage affected more than 50 streets including Forum Boulevard and Highlands Parkway.

As of now, power has not been restored completely across the area.

Columbia Water and Light do not know when power will be restored.