Mid-Missouri Man Fighting City over Building

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SEDALIA - A local man is in a war of words with the city over the damage to his building. Gary Huddleston owns businesses on South Ohio Avenue. One of the businesses is called "Let's Dance Ballroom Dance Club." Huddleston used to live above the dance studio, but the city forced him out after a fire next door that resulted in that building being demolished.

Huddleston said, "I have three businesses in my building, I also lived in the building and it has shut me down for six months, with virtually no income in that amount of time."

Firefighters put out the December 14, 2012 fire, which Huddleston said resulting in minor damage to his building from the fire and the water used to put it out. Later, city officials decided to demolish the building that had been on fire. After the demolition, the city of Sedalia deemed Huddleston's building dangerous. Huddleston said he believes his building was damaged due to the demolition, not the fire.

Huddleston said, "The back corner may be [damaged] now because of the damage that ensued from the demolition but before that I don't [believe it was], not at all."

Huddleston wants the city to pick up the bill on the damages to his building from the demolition, but the city said it is still evaluating the situation.

Sedalia City Administrator Gary Edwards said, "That's something that we are looking at. He's made that argument to us. that's something we are looking at."

Huddleston is waiting for a response from the city to see if an agreement can be made regarding who is responsible for the damages.