Mid-Missouri Man Races To Help Young Boy

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Chad Hickam has raced cars for the past eight years and his racing buddies are like family.

"We love each other, we hate each other, we might get in fights," said Hickam. "But when you really need something, they'll come together and it's just great."

Hickam's life and racing career changed in November of last year. Hickam found out something had happened to one of his son's classmates at school.

"It was something that the playschool supervisor there called everybody and said hey we need to have a meeting," said Hickam. "They let us know once we had the meeting that we had one boy that came down with leukemia and he would be going to chemotherapy treatments, but would be coming back to the playschool and we just had to watch how we did stuff because leukemia effects the immune system."

Cancer is something no parent is ever prepared for, especially in a three-year-old son.

"It was definitely the most devastating period that I've experienced in life," said Jackson's father, David White. " I was definitely no expert on the disease before that. Kind of automatically assume the worst when you hear anything related to cancer. Definitely hit my wife and I with a sledgehammer pretty much, both of us were pretty devastated."

The news hit close to home for Hickam.

"My significant other had two deaths in the family three days apart in November," said Hickam. "One was from cancer the other one was unknown and her heart gave out before they had a chance to find out so it kind of really hit a chord and when we found this out, I really wanted to do something for the family and the only way I knew how was to race."

The driver started another race, this time raising money for Jackson.

"Any sponsorship, any donation, all winnings throughout the entire season will go to the White family," said Hickam. "This past weekend was Jackson White Night at the racetrack. It was a night dedicated to Jackson White and his family."

Every cent went toward helping Jackson.

"It is absolutely incredible, no doubt about it," said White. "You can kind of get caught focusing on the negatives a lot and forget that there are some really really selfless, generous people out there that are willing to help whenever they see there is a need."

Hickam emphasized the importance of helping others.

"It's just very emotional for me. I'm not in it for the glory. I don't want to do anything for me, I don't want to benefit me, I get a lot of praise for doing what I do. That's not what I'm doing it for. I see a family in need. What if it was my child?"

According to Hickam, Jackson White Night raised $7,000 this past weekend. Hickam will continue to race for Jackson.