Mid-Missouri Pow Wow returns

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MOBERLY- After a sixteen year absence, the Moberly community welcomed the pow wow back. 

This weekend's Central Plains Inter-tribal Pow Wow restarted the Native American tradition. Difficulty in funding is one of the reasons there has not been a pow wow since 2000. 

Kelli and David Garnett along with Amanda Clickner were the committee behind reviving the event. For the past year, the committee traveled to other pow wows in Missouri to decide what elements to include. 

Dancers and drummers in attendance came in from across the country. 

“To go to a dance is like coming home," Head Man Dancer Bill Branson said. "You meet family, friends, those type of things. That drum really makes us want to come together and dance. That drum is the heart beat of our people. So when we go to pow wows it’s a lot of fun, a lot of comradery, but we’re all coming for a common cause, that’s to dance and sing on Mother Earth."

Branson has danced for more than 50 years and is now the Head Man Dancer responsible for leading the male dancers out. 

While Branson is from Sturgeon, Missouri, Head Lady Dancer Stephanie Hayes came from Kansas for the event. 

“My favorite part is meeting up with friends again, making new friends. You see your old friends and it’s like you just left them yesterday, so everything starts up right away again, so its fun,” Hayes said. 

As the Native American community comes together with each pow wow, it is also about promoting and educating the public. 

“It’s keeping the tradition alive and because Native American community isn’t, they’re not dead and gone, they’re not history," Hayes said. "It’s still dynamic and it’s still growing and changing and things like that so, keeping that tradition going and teaching it to the kids and promoting it to other people and showing them what it’s like in the Native American community.”

Branson also agrees it's important to realize the evolving culture. 

“Native people, we’re a constantly evolving culture, so like everything else things evolve, things have changed," Branson said. 

The committee plans on making the pow wow an annual event.