Mid-Missouri Remembers WWII Veterans on D-Day Anniversary

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FULTON - Friday marks the 70th anniversary of D-Day, and mid-Missouri has not forgotten.

The National Churchill Museum in Fulton opened a D-Day painting exhibit called "D-Day Normandy: Operation Overlord" in May in honor of the 70th anniversary. U.S. Navy combat artists painted the paintings during the Normandy Invasion. The artists featured in the exhibit include Mitchell Jamieson, Alexander Russo, and Dwight Shepler, and the paintings show scenes from battle.

"As you go through the exhibit you will see very close intimate drawings of the men as they're fighting," Assistant Director Kit Freudenberg said.

The exhibit is certainly special for Freudenberg, whose father was a WWII veteran.

"He lived a full life, and he told many stories about his activities," Freudenberg said. "It was definitely a challenging time for all of them."

Freudenberg, who is a veteran herself, said attendance at the exhibit has been great, mentioning many of the attendees have been families or veterans.

Dewey Reihn of Ashland is a Vietnam War veteran. Reihn said his uncles, who were in the military during WWII, had a large influence on him.

"I found it truly fascinating when my uncles would get together, my dad was not in, but when they would get together and talk about things, I would hang on to every word," Reihn said.

Reihn said all veterans have a unique bond because they are able to relate to each other.

"That was a unique time in our history, and the people that met that challenge, we call them unique people and they were, but they were also Americans," Reihn said.

 The National Churchill Museum D-Day exhibit closes on July 20.