Mid-Missouri residents part with excess goods in rummage sale

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COLUMBIA – The Columbia Parks and Recreation Department hosted its first-ever rummage sale at Cosmo Park on Saturday. 

Tammy Miller, Columbia Parks and Recreation marketing specialist, said more than 20 vendors sold household items and hundreds of consumers visited. 

“A lot of buyers go from multiple garage sales, to yard sales to something like this, and some sellers live in an apartment or smaller home and may not want to have others come to their homes,” Miller said. “So this gives everyone the option of coming to a public place, and hopefully, it’s a win-win situation.” 

The event also allowed vendors to recycle electronics or donate other items that did not sell to a local charity known as Love INC. Miller said the option to donate these goods could help residents create space in their homes without disposing more waste.

“We want to offer that as a feature because, for a lot of people, they may not want to hold back items that don’t sell to their homes,” Miller said.

Allen House, a Jefferson City resident and vendor, said he would consider donating multiple items that may not sell to help other families that could put them to use.

“I’m really big on giving back to people,” House said. “For some of our products we, if we give it to someone, it could be a really big boost for them.”

House was the only vendor to bring a U-Haul to the event, transporting multiple pieces of furniture that sold.

Other vendors, like Columbia resident Cassie Brandt, see personal benefits in selling excess goods.

“We just got married, so we just upgraded a lot of stuff and got a lot of new registry items,” Brandt said. “It’s nice to get a little bit back on it for us and give it another life to someone else.”

Brandt sold mostly kitchen items and old teacher supplies that her husband was hoping to pass on.

“Everyone cleans their house out for different reasons,” Brandt said. “A lot of people are moving or their kids are growing up, so I think life changes just result in having items that aren’t really relevant to you anymore, but would be relevant to someone else.”

Some consumers have asked Miller about a sale in the fall. She said the city could consider hosting another rummage sale in a few months or next year.