Mid-Missouri Sees Rare Honey Moon

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COLUMBIA - For the first time in nearly a century, a honey moon occurs on Friday the 13th. 

Astronomy website, Universe Today, said this coincidence won't happen again until June 13, 2098.

MU Director of Astronomy Angela Speck said a honey moon is when the moon turns more yellow than usual.

"That has to do with the angle of tilt between the earth, the moon and the sun," Speck said.

She said during a honey moon, the moon stays low throughout the entire night.

"You often see a yellow moon when it's low on the horizon, but this one never gets really high so it stays yellow, and that's why it's called the honey moon," she said. 

Speck said the moon will look the most yellow in the early evening. 

"If you want to see that it stays yellow, it's highest point will be midnight by definition," Speck said. "That'll be the least yellow that it gets, but that's how you can see that it looks different than a normal moon."

Speck also said the moon might look brighter and bigger to the naked eye. However, it is just an optical illusion.

As for the significance of the honey moon falling on Friday the 13th, Speck isn't expecting anything out of the ordinary.

"I don't think it has any significance, you know it's something you can have fun with, but I don't think that it means that anything special is going to happen," she said.

"In different traditions, different days and different numbers have different meanings. So in China, 13 isn't unlucky but 14 is, so tomorrow must be the unlucky day in China," she said.

Speck said the honey moon occurs about once a year, and she plans to watch it with her child. 

"You can see it before the sun sets, and so it's something you can do even with little kids, so I will probably take the little one out to see it."