Mid-Missouri sStudents vote for stronger on-campus security

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COLUMBIA - Students at Stephens College have joined a contest that rewards the winner with a new way of securing  and opening doors.

As of Wednesday, students at Stephens College open their dorm room doors by simply waving a key card over the door scanner to open it. However, the new security system provided by Stanley Security services would allow a key card to be sensed by a proximity detector, which would open the door automatically, if the person is near it.

It would also be able to track students who go in and out of the building.

Student Sierra McAlister said it would make it easier to get inside when getting back late from  studying or grocery shopping.

She also said, with Stephen's open campus and its closeness to downtown, the change would serve as a way to feel safer at home.

"It is a hassle having to get our keys out of the bag," McAlister said. "Sometimes they are deep in there and there might be somebody behind us that can be creepy or a stranger and I would rather be inside."

Rebecca Kline, director of marketing and communications, said the contest was an opportunity for the whole campus to get involved with social media, creative funding sources and to fight for a good cause.

"Columbia continues to grow everyday, there are new apartment buildings being built everyday, so we are just keeping a watchful eye on things," Kline said.

Kline also said that, although Columbia is a great town, things like this show that it continues to take security seriously as a community.

If Stephens College wins the contest, it will have the opportunity to update its ten year old security system with $100,000. There will also be a reward to the runner- up for a total of $25,000.

Columbia College is taking part in the same contest.