Mid Missouri Teacher Advices Grant Usage

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JEFFERSON CITY - Jefferson City High School integrates technology in multiple ways throughout its classrooms.  Federal, state, and district grants make much of this possible.

Today marks the last day school districts can apply for the Improving Teacher Quality Grant (ITQG). This year the program offers $300,000 for new project funding. The $300,000 is out of the 1.2 million dollars being allocated this year under the ITQG . One teacher says grants add the whip cream and cherry to the learning pie. 

Before David Ganey taught at Jefferson City High School, he was a science researcher who became skilled in grant writing. Those skills carried over to his current profession which is obvious the moment anyone walks into his room. A rolling cart packed with laptops greets you at the door, and iPads dot every countertop. Ganey wrote a grant last year to pay for the iPads his students now use for their daily work.

"I feel like people see grant writing as this long task," Ganey said. "Sometimes it can be, but depending on the amount, it could only take a few hours."

The results of his work got him the teacher of the year award in the Jefferson City School District. However, for Ganey the iPads mark a step in the larger process of getting more technology integrated into his classroom.

"Teachers can write a grant for that extra little bit of money, it doesn't have to be some hugh dollar number," Ganey said. "I try to add a little more each time to help show students the learning potential technology provides."

Ganey says some teachers never will have grant money and will do just fine teaching, but he always encourages applying for grants because he believes it can't hurt to try.