Mid-Missouri Volunteers Canvass Boone County For Election

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COLUMBIA- Boone County Democrats and Republicans spent Saturday knocking on doors, distributing literature and speaking with prospective voters. With the election just being three days away, most volunteers agreed this weekend was "crunch time" to get the vote out in Mid-Missouri.

Boone County Democrats spent the afternoon canvassing most of Columbia and believe their team will canvass approximately 55,000 homes throughout the election. Boone County Republicans spent the morning in Centralia, Mo. and headed back to Columbia to spend the afternoon canvassing.

"They say the best way to meet people is to talk to them," volunteer Rick Rowland said. "We are out here having conversations and allowing people to ask questions about the candidates."

Rowden is Caleb Rowden's father, a candidate for State Representative in Missouri's 44th House District. Rowden was just one of many volunteers walking neighborhood streets Saturday. Caleb Rowden estimates they'll canvass 2,500 houses this weekend alone.

State Rep. for the 79th District Michael Butler spent his Saturday canvassing for the Boone County Democrats in Columbia with State Rep. Mary Still.

"You have to walk the walk to talk the talk," Butler said. "Today, we're walking the walk."