Mid-Missouri Woman Teaches Coupon Class

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Columbia - A mid-Missouri woman will teach a crash course about how to use coupons Thursday in Columbia. At 6:30pm at the Pizza Hut on Clark Lane, Michelle Waggoner will provide the basics on where to find coupons, how to organize them, and put them to use in the most efficient way. Waggoner claims to save at least 50 percent monthly on groceries by using coupons.

Waggoner is the founder of thecoupongirlz.com. It's a blog dedicated to saving money. The blog offers shopping advice, countless coupons, and strategies for saving. For example, Waggoner said stacking multiple coupons on a single purchase can keep more money in your pocket.

The site also acts as a forum for coupon connoiseurs. Folks can brag on the deals they find and post questions for each other. One user commented on the blog saying she bought $120 worth of groceries for about $67 using coupons.

According to the blog, this isn't the first time Waggoner shared her shopping secrets. She says she held classes in Fulton and Jefferson City as well.

Thursday's class costs ten dollars per person, but Waggoner will give a three dollar discount to anyone who brings a friend.