Mid-Missouri workers prepare to labor on Labor Day

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ASHLAND - Labor Day weekend is a time for families to get away and mark the unofficial end of summer. Many people have the day off from work on Monday, but that is not necessarily the case for all workers.

Professions of all kinds including medical professionals, members of law enforcement and even store clerks will still clock in Monday to get the job done.

Ashland Police Officer James Creel is one of many workers on the job this holiday weekend. He said many police officers go into law enforcement knowing they don't necessarily get the luxury of having a holiday off like everyone else.

"A lot of times, the holidays are actually kind of fun to work," Creel said. "It keeps it interesting. It's why we get into this job."

Creel also said fellow officers will try to swap holiday shifts if needed, but they typically don't mind coming in for work when others get the day off.

Local government offices across mid-Missouri will be closed in observance of Labor Day Monday. Local schools will also be out of session.