Mid-Missourians advocate for America Recycles Day

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COLUMBIA - People from all over mid-Missouri came to Columbia to bring in their recyclable items to various drop-off points Sunday to honor America Recycles Day.

The point of the day is to encourage people across the country to take a pledge to recycle, regardless if it is their weekly routine. Columbia's goal is to recover 34 percent of the city's waste.

The Office of Neighborhood Services Columbia Utilities - Columbia Solid Waste statement said "fiber materials like newspapers, magazines, office paper, and cardboard can be placed in a cardboard box or paper sack. Then simply set both out on your regular trash day at the curb."

Boone County Resident Molly Zitsch has been recycling for the past 28 years. She said what motivates her to continue to recycle is having young children and teaching them.

"You have to pick it up, clean it up and keep the environment clean for their children and their grandchildren," Zitsch said.

Zitsch believes that there's a lot of trash to be cleaned up and reusing and remaking products will help future generations.

"I've done it for years and years and years and I hope my kids do it one day too when they're adults and have children," Zitsch said.

Zitsch said the way she recycles is very simple, "I have a rubber made container for the newspapers everyday I throw it in there and I have a trash bag receptacle with my trash back and I throw my water my sodas."

Wildlife and fisheries major Leya Young makes an effort to recycle too. 

"I'm in fisheries and wildlife I really care [about] conservation and stuff. I hear all the time, sea turtles getting their heads suck [in plastic trash] and it's just awful and I want to help out as much as I can," Young said.

Young said she is recycling today because her and her roommates really care about the environment and want to help out as much as they can. Young said the way her household recycles isn't hard to do.

"We just set a couple of bins out and chuck it all in," Young said. 

"We just have two plastic tubs that you buy at Walmart. We have one for paper and cardboard and stuff and one for plastics and we just chuck our canned goods in the plastics one"

The office said there are local Columbia opportunities to get involved like becoming a recycling ambassador to help educate other people about recycling. Another opportunity would include being a household hazardous waste aide, in addition to positions to learn and promote composting throughout the Columbia area.

We’re celebrating #AmericaRecyclesDay today by sharing our recycling selfies. Share yours with us using #IWIllRecycle to join in our effort!

Posted by Missouri Recycling Association (MORA) on Sunday, November 15, 2015