Mid-Missourians Celebrate Memorial Day

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COLUMBIA - This year Memorial Day was filled with barbecues, family gatherings, and multiple pool parties. Residents of Columbia took the day to relax and soak in the sun while at the same time remembering the meaning of Memorial Day. 

We went to Stephan's Lake Park to find out what Memorial Day means to you.

"Family! As a veteran, it's a moment to take and be thankful for what is available you being back home with your family and being able to do something like this, hanging with my babies," said Christopher Cheshaw.

"Memorial Day is a day to relax. Getting off work is a plus too," said Tess Betts.

"Sand, beach, water, ice-cream, picnics, just a day to spend and enjoy with family," said Tammy Hilton.

"I usually spend this day with family and friends and fellow church members. We are going to barbecue and fellowship and give God the glory for our veterans and warriors," said Andrew Hardman.

"Family! What else? Hanging out, relaxing and of course a day off work," said Lauren Saunders.

"My dad is a veteran and in my head this day is about him. His hard work, his passion, and his sacrifice. I think everyone should think of it like that," said Raquel Winters.

Along with parks, many apartment complexes threw pool parties and had basketball tournaments to celebrate the holiday.