Mid-Missourians gather for Everybody Eats

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COLUMBIA - Almeta Crayton Community Programs offered a full Thanksgiving feast to the local community Thursday.

In an event known as "Everybody Eats," volunteers helped serve donated food to those in the community who might not have been able to afford their own Thanksgiving meal, as well as those who just wanted a place to go to spend their holiday with others. 

"Well it's great because I don't have any family around here and I know a lot of people in this community, and it was nice to be able to see a bunch of people that are friends of mine," said Roger Roberts, a Columbia man who attended Everybody Eats. 

Almeta Crayton, a former Columbia City Councilwoman, passed away in October 2013. She started the event 16 years ago, as well as another event known as "The Poor Man's Breakfast" which is held in January on Martin Luther King's Birthday. 

Almeta Crayton Community Programs was founded in 2013 as a way to continue Crayton's legacy. Anthony Crayton, Almeta's brother and co-chair of the organization, said it means a lot to the Crayton family to be able to keep giving back to the community in Almeta's honor. 

"We can't even put it in words, when you look around and see it, all the people and their giveth," Crayton said."They are taking time out from their day to come and share, you can't put it in words."

Crayton said last year, the event served around 300 people a Thanksgiving meal, and he said he expects this year was the same, if not more.