Mid-Missourians Hope to Win Mega Millions Lottery

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COLUMBIA - The 175 million-to-one odds didn't stop mid-Missourians from playing the highest Mega Millions lottery on record. With $640 million at stake, people rushed to get their tickets up to the last minute cut-off Friday at 9:00 p.m. 

Arena liquor, just one of the places that sold Mega Millions tickets, sold thousands of tickets with individual purchases of 80 tickets. KOMU 8 asked several people what they would do with the cash if they had the winning numbers. 

"I have no I idea what I would even do with that. It's too much money to even think about," said Colin Kembon. 

One mother said she would use the money to send more people to her daughter's wedding in India, while others insisted they would give the money to charity. 

The winning Mega Millions numbers are 46, 23,38,4,2 and 23.