Mid-Missourians plan trip to Philadelphia to see the Pope

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COLUMBIA - Fifteen mid-Missourians are getting ready to travel to Philadelphia Thursday to see the Pope. 

They are all of Hispanic descent and members of the Catholic Diocese of Jefferson City. They are residents of Milan, Marshall, Sedalia and Columbia. 

Enrique Castro, the Hispanic and Cross-Cultural Ministries Director of the Catholic Diocese of Jefferson City, organized the trip. He said the 15 mid-Missourians will meet up with members of the Davenport Diocese that is based in Iowa. They will all bus to Philadelphia and stay in Neumann University. The trip will last from Thursday to Monday. 

"By going there, I guess they're just trying to be energized and inspired by him so they can keep working on whatever ministries they're doing, their parishes," Castro said. 

Pastor Francis Doyle of the Catholic Sacred Heart Church in Columbia said the Pope visiting the United States will affect mid-Missouri. 

 "I think, as they say, it just brings it closer to home when he's actually here in the United States. I think that causes a resurgence of the excitement because he's here," Doyle said.

Pope Francis is expected to talk about economic inequality, the definition of marriage and abortion. 

"I think he's going to ruffle some feathers," Doyle said. "Christ himself ruffled some feathers." 

Another member of the Sacred Heart Church said she wishes she could go. 

"To give me a blessing. That's the most appropriate thing to ask a pope, you know?" Anne Quick said.