Mid-Missourians prepare for icy streets

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COLUMBIA - Many mid-Missourians are preparing for poor driving conditions as freezing rain is in the forecast Sunday.

It has to be at most 32 degrees in order for rain to freeze on the ground.

About 150 local churches and organizations reported cancellations in order to avoid the hectic roads.

A link of church cancellations is located on our website

Columbia Public Works prepared for Sunday's forecast by putting a plow crew in place for Sunday morning. A story for that is on our website

MoDOT have been laying salt and sand mix down to prevent ice freezing. A story for that is on our website.

It's not only the city that needs to take extra measures to avoid slippery roads.

Moberly Police Department Sergeant Anthony Bowne said the department has been putting the word out via social media that roads are dangerous. 

"We prepared with the Moberly police department by putting out social media for ice conditions for road conditions. We wanted to make sure that drivers were aware of the situation before they got into it," Bowne said. 

The road condition in mid-Missouri has been a slippery slope. 

"The roads right now are slick, we are getting reports that there's ice patches on the road ways and on Highway 63 and in the city of Moberly," Bowne said. 

The Moberly Police Department, as of 1 p.m. has only seen one accident in the area. 

"We've only had one accident. I believe that the only reason we've had one accident is because we had been so proactive with social media and getting the word out to the public that the roads are going to be icy and to stay home," He said. 

Although police haven't dealt with many accidents today, they still push staying indoors.

"We would like for everyone to stay home and enjoy the warmth at their own house rather than be out on the roadways. If they do have to get on the roadways we ask that they please drive safe, slow down and use their seatbelts," Bowne said. 

Bowne said he isn't expecting roads to clear up later. 

"We're expecting that the roads are going to be still slick throughout the day and throughout the night, and be careful for the morning commute."

In Columbia, a Chevrolet SUV slid off of Interstate 70 Drive Southwest Sunday afternoon with a mom and two kids inside. No one was injured, but crews had to pull the car from the ditch before towing it away.
The driver says the slick roads caused the rollover crash.
The road was so slippery that the tow truck was sliding across pavement as it pulled on the SUV.

The rain is supposed to stop Sunday night.

MoDOT offers a traveler map of all road complications including delays, closings, and weather conditions.

On MoDOT, Macon and Moberly area are partially covered in ice. 

A Boone County Sheriff confirmed seven weather-related crashes.

Columbia motorist Christopher Stone said his weekend plans were derailed by the icy conditions.

"I like to go out in nature," Stone said. "Yesterday I was able to go down to the river and see it frozen, but today it was too gross. Too rainy."

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