Mid-Missourians Prepare for Next Hailstorm

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JEFFERSON CITY - A day after a severe hailstorm hit parts of mid-Missouri, residents are picking up the pieces.

More than 100 people have come into Fischer Body Shop in Jefferson City to fix their hail damaged vehicles. The storm knocked out power, broke windows and damaged cars and roofs. The threat of similar weather in the future has some mid-Missourians wondering how to cope with such an event.

Insurance agent Teresa Leukenotte said as soon as severe weather hits, people should immediately assess the damage.

"It is important to see how extensive the damage is," she said. "If there is bad damage, you should call an insurance company immediately. Don't wait."

The owner of Fischer's says quickly fixing the damage will help in the long run because it will help trade-in values and make the car run more smoothly.

Cheryl Selvage lives in Jefferson City and three of her cars were damaged by hail.

"We have a one car garage so all of our cars won't fit," she said. "Next storm, I'll have to buy a tarp or something. It is too expensive to maintain all of that damage."

There were reports from nickel to golf ball size hail in some parts of Jefferson City.