Mid-Missourians react to ice storm

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COLUMBIA - Mixed reactions came out of mid-Missouri Sunday as the weekend ice storm began to wind down.

While MoDOT and road crews worked all weekend throughout the state, some Missourians were still finding difficult  road conditions in some areas.

Eldon resident Betty Scroggins said gravel roads have proven especially difficult to navigate.

"They've been keeping the main roads pretty clear," Scroggins said. "But the back roads, they don't."

Overall, Scroggins said the ice storm proved to be "pretty bad."

Sections of the state were hit harder than others, prompting some Mid-Missourians to question whether the anticipated scale of the storm was over-estimated.

Live Doppler Eight First Alert Weather Meteorologist Kenton Gewecke said, "The moisture didn't trend exactly where we had thought at times, but overall mid-Missouri did see the ice-accumulation we were expecting, with about one-quarter of an inch minimum throughout mid-Missouri and more than that south of I-70 through the three-day event."

Gewecke also explained, "Ice and freezing rain is extremely difficult to forecast because there are multiple variables depending on only a few degrees difference. If temperatures would have been even two or three degrees colder at the surface at times, it would have been a different story."

Joseph Morris is the owner of J-N-J Liquor & More in Brazito, Missouri. Morris said he thinks the storm was overestimated to some extent, but thought road crews getting out early prevented issues.

"I think this time here they anticipated it being worse than what it is," he said. "They got out right off the bat, before it ever hit, got a layer of salt down." 

Morris said he was not upset about the amount of advisories put out both before and during the storm.

"It's always better to be safe, than sorry. Don't wait 'til it happens and then decide to try to react," he said.

MoDOT was still advising Missourians Sunday to be cautious and mindful of the weather conditions as the storm wrapped up.