Mid-Mo. Gardeners Gather at Gardening Seminar

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JEFFERSON CITY - With spring only a few months away, gardening fanatics gathered in Jefferson City Saturday to learn a little more about the hobby. One-hundred and sixty-nine people participated in the Spring Gardening Seminar this year, which is the highest amount the event has ever attracted.

Guest speakers and gardeners instructed classes about various gardening methods including landscape design, turf and container planting. The Spring Gardening Seminar was hosted by the Central Missouri Master Gardener program, Lincoln University and the Cole County Extension.

Seminar participants could choose from 18 different classes. Cindy Crecelius owns Gardens to Go in Jefferson City. She taught a container gardening class at the seminar and demonstrated how to plant creatively, using containers such as purses, shoes and books.

"We opened [books] up and then we cut the center of the pages out, so it's actually a container that will hold plants," said Crecelius. "We've also found some inexpensive, resin poly picture frames that we've taken the back off and we've mounted them on a container that will hold plants."

Gail Cummins has been a master gardener for 18 years and organized the 4th annual seminar. 

"Our education committee decided, and rightly so, that we needed to not only include master gardeners in our educational part of this business, but also to extend that to the public, so this is a way to do that," Cummins said.

Cummins said the seminar is a good way to get gardeners involved before the spring season.

"It's the end of February and we're all getting antsy, those of us who love to garden. We can't do anything outside at this time, so we might as well learn and get ready for that spring season. It's just such an opportune time for all gardeners."

Cummins said planting outdoors will be most successful after the last spring frost. According to the Farmers' Almanac, the last frost will be in mid-April. Until then, Crecelius said activities like container gardening work great indoors using plants such as ferns and succulents.