Mid-Mo Target Sees Frenzy for Designer Line

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JEFFERSON CITY - Shoppers across the country went to Target on Tuesday for the 2-week release of the Missoni line -- a popular Italian designer at an affordable price. People not only swarmed stores but also jammed Target's web page, so much that it shut down.

Shoppers in Mid-Missouri have shown excitement about this new release as well. Jefferson City Target Exectutive Team Leader Belva Blair said several people waited outside the store before it opened at 8 a.m. Tuesday. When the doors did open, shoppers went into a mad dash to grab the most coveted Missoni products.

One cashier said shoes and clothing were the most popular items. By Tuesday afternoon shoppers had a hard time finding some items. However, both the Jefferson City Target and Columbia Mall Target still have Missoni products on the shelves.

With much-anticipated releases like this one, stores have to stock the shelves overnight. The Jefferson City location will receive two more shipments Wednesday and Friday mornings.

Blair said her location usually only sees rushes as large as this when much-anticipated electronics are released. By 3 o'clock Tuesday afternoon, the Missoni frenzie had died down.