Mild Snow Outlook for Rest of Mid-Missouri Winter

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COLUMBIA - While the blizzard dubbed "Nemo" by some media outlets approaches the Northeast, winter weather in Columbia remains calm.

However, recent Mid-Missouri winters have been unpredictable. The "Snowpacolypse" of 2011 brought Columbia about 18 inches of snowfall. According to the National Weather Service, the city received a total of 46 inches that winter season.

But last year, Columbia only got nine inches total for the season.

KOMU 8 Meteorologist intern Tori Stepanek says this season will likely be between the two extremes.

"We normally average around 24 to 30 inches of snow during a winter season. This year I think we'll be right around that," Stepanek said.

Stepanek added that Columbia should expect two or three more snowfalls this winter.